Products and Services
  • Anti-virus products
  • Urinary protein
  • Generic formulations
  • Committed to innovation, taking Ainuovirine as the core product, Aidea is going deep in the development of a series of novel anti-HIV products with independent intellectual property rights, and actively promoting the R&D in AIDS treatment.

  • With the self-developed direct adsorption technology, the "resin adsorption process", the protein contained in human urine can be efficiently and rapidly adsorbed by resin. Aidea has established a complete industrial-scale production system, with core competitiveness in the field of protein production.

  • The company's general drug product mainly include: exclusive varieties of Sennae Folium Granules, Bacillus Cereus Tablets (Changfukang®)

    Indications of Sennae Folium Granules: Purging heat, relieving stagnation and relaxing the bowels. Indicated for constipation.

    Indications of Bacillus Cereus Tablets (Changfukang®): Intestinal dysfunction caused by enteritis, diarrhea and infantile diarrhea, etc.

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