R&D overview

Aidea Pharma has an elite team led by senior experts in the industry. We always stay true to the mission of “dedicating for better medicine, pursuing greater success”, practice the value concept of “integrity, accountability, innovation and perseverance”, focus on the major diseases that seriously threaten human health, and have built R&D pipelines in the fields of anti-virus, anti-inflammation and cerebral stroke, and actively explore and develop innovative drugs taking the unmet clinical needs as orientation. 

R&D pipelines
  • 19
    19 major products under development
  • 14
    14 invention patents
  • 29
    29 utility model patents

As of now, Aidea Pharma has 19 ongoing research projects, 14 invention patents and a cumulative total of 29 authorized patents.

The core of the 19 ongoing projects includes 8 Class 1 new drugs and 2 Class 2 new drugs. Aidea Pharma's first Class 1 innovative anti-HIV/AIDS drug, Ainuovirine Tablets, has been approved for marketing and has entered the commercialization stage, and the second Class 1 innovative anti-HIV/AIDS drug, Ainuomiti Tablets, was also approved for marketing in December 2022. As of 30 June 2023, Aidea Pharma has filed a total of 77 patent applications and has been granted a total of 29 patents, including 14 invention patents.