2023/06/05 / Aidea news
The Thematic Forum on HIV/AIDS iStudy Program 2023 Successfully Held in Xiamen
The Thematic Forum on HIV/AIDS iStudy Program 2023 Successfully Held in Xiamen


On April 10th, 2023, the 2023 HIV/AIDS iStudy Program Forum was held in Xiamen. Sponsored by the Chinese Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control (CASAPC), supported by Jiangsu Aidea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (referred to as Aidea Pharma), the academic conference brought together more than 100 participants including authoritative experts, scholars, and clinical doctors and nurses from the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in China, to discuss the new trends and challenges of the development of real-world clinical diagnosis and treatment data of HIV/AIDS, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation and development.


The HIV/AIDS iStudy Program is a cooperative project between CASAPC and Aidea Pharma based on the collection of real-world data (RWD) on HIV/AIDS clinical diagnosis and treatment. It is the first real world study (RWS) on HIV/AIDS in China. The two sides have carried out close cooperation in exploring innovative HIV/AIDS treatment regimens, the establishment of an integrated management model for diagnosis and treatment, and strengthening the capacity of HIV/AIDS practitioners. The HIV/AIDS iStudy Program helps doctors gain a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the epidemic trends of HIV/AIDS, treatment effects, clinical practice, patient experience, and other aspects. These data sources are extensive, including hospital information systems, medical insurance payment data, active drug safety monitoring data, personal health monitoring data, etc., with a high degree of authenticity and representation.


By the end of 2022, nearly 7,000 patients have been enrolled in the Ainuovirine treatment regimen, covering 29 provinces/autonomous regions and municipalities across China, and nearly 40 clinical centers and 267 HIV/AIDS prevention and control institutions at all levels have participated. It shows a good development trend with wide coverage, many participating units and great influence. This will lay the foundation for the follow-up studies related to the Ainuovirine regimen, and also provide evidence-based medical basis for the formulation of medical and public health measures.


At the meeting, Dr. Heliang Fu, the chairman of Aidea Pharma, delivered a keynote speech on "Reviewing the HIV/AIDS iStudy Program from the Perspective of Aidea Pharma", He mentioned: "The HIV/AIDS iStudy Program has provided a unique industry academic platform to interact with experts and doctors at all levels, with the influence of experts at home and abroad, exerting the capabilities of young and middle-aged practitioners as well as the grassroots at the front-line, sharing the most cutting-edge academic information in the field to improve the scientific research level and discipline influence of medical workers, and jointly build an evidence-based medical research platform for new anti-HIV/AIDS drugs development. It is conducive to establish a long-term and reliable cooperative relationship between Aidea Pharma and HIV/AIDS diagnosis and treatment community, and build a Chinese regimen of HIV/AIDS treatment with evidence-based medical basis that is more effective, safer, more convenient, with higher compliance, and suitable for China's national conditions." Ms. Lili Cheng, the officer of the HIV/AIDS iStudy Program, and Ms. Yufang Zheng from Aidea Pharma shared the progress of the HIV/AIDS iStudy Program and the achievements over the past year in an in-depth way. After nearly a year of real data analysis, they were delighted to find that patients taking Ainuovirine tablet had an ideal effect on virus inhibition, a good trend in immune reconstruction, a friendly effect on patients' blood lipids, a certain advantage on blood sugar, and a lower risk of liver toxicity.

The HIV/AIDS iStudy Program forum has achieved fruitful results. Firstly, the participants have reached a consensus on the new trends and challenges in the development of the program, thereby establishing a foundation for future cooperation. Secondly, the sharing of project experiences and roundtable discussions have provided valuable insights and knowledge exchange for all parties in the industry, fostering the common development of HIV/AIDS iStudy Program in all regions. Lastly, the conference has served as a valuable platform for communication, facilitating enhanced cooperation and dialogue among diverse fields. We look forward to our next meeting!