• Drug name: Generic name: Ainuovirine Tablet

  • English name: Ainuovirine Tablet

  • Approval number: GYZZH20210032

  • Storage: Protected from light and keep sealed at no more than 30°C.

  • Ingredients: Ainuovirine.

  • Description: white or off-white tablet.

  • Indications: indicated for use in combination with nucleoside antiretroviral drugs, for treating naïve HIV-1 infected adults.

  • Specification: 75mg

  • Usage and dosage: oral administration, 150 mg (two tablets, 75 mg/tablet) once daily on an empty stomach. This product must be used in combination with nucleoside antiretroviral drugs.

  • Packaging: high-density polyethylene bottles for oral solid pharmaceuticals, with silica gel desiccant in the bottle; 60 tablets/bottle.

  • Shelf life: 24 months

  • Safe

    The incidence of CNS side effects, rash and gastrointestinal adverse reactions can be significantly reduced, with significantly improved patients' tolerance.

    It has little effect on lipid metabolism while reducing the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, fatty liver and other diseases.

    It has low hepatotoxicity and can significantly reduce liver function impairment.

    It is metabolized by CYP2C19 pathway and effectively reduces the risk of DDIs.

  • Potent

    Potent viral suppression with sustained anti-HIV efficacy.

    Excellent efficacy in patients with high or low baseline viral load.

    Rapid increase of CD4+ cells with continuous improvement of immune system.